Add Product badges to make shopping experience easier for customers

Use Product Badges to Boost Sales!!

Best-seller Product Badges 

You’ll set the amount of sold items within a given time frame. We’ve pre-selected a date range for you to pick from.

Out Of Stock Product Badges

If one product has an Out of Stock label, it is fully sold out due to its popularity. Shoppers will return the next time to purchase it before it sells out.

On Sale Product Badges

They’ll buy the things as fast as possible before the deal’s end. Nobody enjoys missing out on a great offer.

Low Stock Product Badges

For example, if you specify the number of items below 15 as Low Stock, the items in 14 quantities will be automatically added with Low Stock badges.

 Product Badges by Tag

Remember that you are allowed to add only 1 product tag per badge at once. If you add more than 1 badge to 1 product tag, whichever badge was added first will display.

New Arrival Product Badges

Customers who are fashionable don’t like to be seen as being behind the times. They aspire to be social climbers and trendsetters at all times.

ApplytoAll Product Badges

With only one tag named “applyToAll”, all products in your inventory will be displayed with a badge customized by you.

Upload Your Product Badges

These badges will help distinguish your brand from other retailers and make your store stand out on the first visit.