Changing Shopify theme without losing customization

This is where Veda Builder comes into play. It can add more impressive decorations to your current theme without losing your customization.

Your theme determines how long visitors will stay and shop around. Therefore, an ideal theme is one that has both function and fashion.

You can choose another theme in 3 ways: – Explore in Shopify theme store – Choose from 3rd party Shopify themes – Pick a Shopify theme template from page-building apps like Veda Builder

If you stumble upon an eye-catching Shopify store and want to find out which theme is applied, you can use Shopify theme detector to spy

Content unaffected after changing Shopify theme: – Products – Collections – Pages – Blog posts – Navigation.

Content affected after changing Shopify theme: Customizations made in the theme editor will be lost; Edits made to the theme files will be affected

Veda Builder

This amazing page-building Shopify app overrides the current theme code, meaning that it can add interesting features to your current theme without losing your customization and content.

Veda Builder

It is suitable for all business niches and budgets. You can try using hundreds of themes without being afraid of losing your content.

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