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Shopify Currency Converter


Shopify Currency Converter – Auto-update Native Prices Everywhere
To Give Your Customers A Seamless Shopping Experience.

  • 170+ currencies & bitcoins
  • Auto-convert currency based on visitors’ geographic location
  • Convert prices everywhere within Shopify site (blogposts, at checkout & cart popup)
  • Exchange rates are updated in real time with rounding ability

Convert Currency – Convert Global Surfers to Shoppers!


How to win over global shoppers

A clever way to greet international shoppers with respect, win their heart & expand worldwide business.

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Auto-Convert 170+ Currencies

Convert Currency At Checkout

Convert Money at Blog & Cart Popup

Currency Toolbar Customization

Accurate Rounding Ability

MyShopKit - Ecommerce Solution

170+ currencies & bitcoins

Our Multi Currency Converter auto-updates 170+ domestic currencies based on customers’ geographic location. So, when customers land on your store, they’ll see prices in their native money.
There’s a currency conversion toolbar for visitors to swap money at their disposal. Just by simply hovering over the price, the toolbar will appear.

Convert Curreny at Checkout

Yes, you didn’t misread. Shopify currency converter at checkout is an exciting new function of our app. Such an awesome feature is that almost no currency converter on Shopify stores can do until now.
All you need to do is setting your targeted foreign markets. And, your visitors only have to select their native money once, our smart app will remember and display the same currency on other store pages, including the checkout page.

Convert money regardless of format

Shoppers can visit your Shopify site for any reasons. They might probably be reading your blog post. It’s wonderful if they can see product prices in their domestic currency.
If you use a cart popup or mini cart, our app can convert prices too! Literally every nook and cranny of your Shopify store.

Currency toolbar customization

The currency toolbar may be customized in terms of placement and style. On a single page, the toolbar can be placed in many locations.
As for style, you may either choose one of our 6 templates or create custom CSS to make your shop distinctive.

Rounding ability

Our Multi Currency Converter allows for rounded currency conversion. The exchange rates are also updated based on the most accurate rate in real time.

Let's Win International Shoppers & Expand WorldWide Business

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Table


$ 0.00

Per Month
  • Maximum 3 Currencies
  • Customizable Currency Style
  • Customizable Currency Color
  • Live Chat Support
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$ 6.99

Per Month
  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Auto-detect Visitor’s Currency
  • 200+ Currencies
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$ 14.99

Per Month
  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Auto Conversion to Local Currency at Checkout
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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Wonderful Shopify Currency Switcher!

MyShopKit Currency Switcher is the most amazing plugin written to convert currency. It is a must-have for any web store owner.

Thanks for using our Currency Converter. We are working hard to upgrade much more great features

Countless currency & crypto

Now, I don't have to set up manual product currency conversion. MyShopKit Currency plugin helped me do everything

Hello Jessica. Thanks for choosing our Shopify Currency Switcher. Hope you can make more money with your business. Our mission is Less Wasted Time & More Profit

Currency Converter even in Blog

I'm very satisfied with the quality of MyShopKit's app. This is a perfect solution for everyone who needs to auto-convert currency EVERYWHERE in Shopify store

I'm glad that our currency converter plugin makes you happy. Thanks for sharing with us

Various types of currencies & flags

The best thing about this Shopify currency conversion is that you can choose the flag as your currency. My foreign customers increased a lot!

Hi Richard. That's great! Thanks for using our plugin & sharing such a good news!

Convert Currency even at Checkout

Before, my international shoppers often delayed checking out. Now with their native currency & flag, they are more likely to make a buy. Keep up good work!

Thanks very much! Hope your store will thrive <3