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Wokiee Theme is the first option of many vendors who want to establish a contemporary and unique website. Do you know why? If you’re curious, keep reading to learn more.

Password: veucle

Why is Wokiee Theme the first choice of the online store?

In the fact that Wokiee Shopify Theme is not a typical theme. It’s an extremely effective design tool. This theme includes all of the tools and modules required to construct a super-fast, mobile-ready responsive website with excellent UX.

A variety of layouts and styles allow you to create a new look and passionate website while full of vital functionalities. By utilizing the Wokiee premium Shopify theme, you may save money and time on web design.

Besides, you have complete control over your whole website thanks to your own Content Management System, which allows you to adjust the navigation, site content, photos, items, collections, and more. Creating and managing your own website will be an incredible learning experience for you.

Let’s enjoy it with Wokiee Theme, your dependable and convenient companion.


Wokiee Theme-outstanding theme in Shopify store?

1. Various functions

The Wokiee Theme has long been regarded as Shopify’s best theme for creating sales websites. The maker pays close attention to the website’s user experience and remarkable features before releasing it to the market. Users do not need to know how to code or design to establish their own website. Wokiee theme provides the following noteworthy features:

  • 86+ Homepage Layouts: The site structure is predetermined based on user’s individual requirements. They are designed in various colors and with a wide range of information blocks to give each sales page a distinct look.
  • 6 Product page variants: The sales page is the most vital aspect of a sales website and should be given top priority. Wokiee Theme has more than six distinct sales page templates that may be adjusted to customer’s suit.
  • 3D, VR, Youtube videos: Wokiee Theme allows user to add 3D models, embedded videos, YouTube videos, and other media to their theme’s product pages easily.
  • Color, size, material swatches: a diverse range of color schemes, sizes, and features to ensure user’s website is always updated and enticing.
  • Instagram Shop: Instagram is the most popular website in the social networking site sales trend. Users may utilize their Instagram profile as a gallery by linking theirr website to it.
  • Ajax search: The ability to review product search results without having to reload the page is a nice feature of Wookie Theme. This function speeds up and improves the responsiveness of customer’s search results (with minimal information about searched items).
  • Quick View: It’s fantastic that user don’t have to reload the page to access product information. They can save time by clicking on the “eye” and reviewing the specifics of any product in the correspondent pop-up

Wokiee Theme still offers many more useful different features, such as 7 collection page variants, numerous header variants, dynamic checkout buttons, google rich snippet tool, banners section, and so on. Try out all of the features that Wokiee Theme brings to your website. I am sure you will join the list of more than 120000 satisfied customers who have had the ideal shopping experience with Wokiee Theme.

Let’s look at some amazing themes in Wokiee Theme!


2. Support System

Wokiee Theme generates extensive documentation for everyone to avoid communication delays and to assist their consumers carefully. They also have created a separate YouTube channel for video tutorials. First, watch the video instruction or read all documentation to resolve the issue of customers. It will help them understand their website and app better.

Don’t worry! Users always get support from Wokiee Theme. This app has a professional staff ready to assist the user when they have issues with the app.

All queries are handled manually, and support is accessible 24 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. They will try to respond as soon as possible.

The compatibility between the Wokiee Theme and MyShopKit apps

How compatible MyShopKit’s apps are with the Wokiee theme.

Explore our demo store with password veucle

Popup, Smartbar, Slide In

Popup, Smartbar, and Slide In are essential elements for creating an appealing sales website and driving profits. This program will give excellent advertising options for your websites, such as collecting consumer emails, driving traffic, or increasing subscribers.

You will have two chances for attracting customers with Popup and Exit-intent popup. We support you to develop popups with specific goals such as collecting emails, collecting emails with a Win Wheel, collecting emails and attracting social media followers with a discount, URL targeting, and attracting social media followers.

MyShopKit Popup, Smartbar, and Slide In in the Wokiee theme

You’ll have a wide range of options for themes, colors, text, and more for each popup goal. You may become a skilled designer without any coding knowledge, especially with only a few mouse clicks. Using this program, creating popups is a breeze.

When the consumer scrolls, Smartbar displays at the top or bottom of the page, providing a more user-friendly interface. Asking a question, using a countdown timer, or a sticky Smartbar are all standard ways to design Smartbars.

Besides, Slide In is an excellent kind of advertising since it provides significant benefits in terms of drawing clients for merchants. Combining all three of these tools will be a good decision for your web to boost sales effectively and quickly.


Multi Currency Converter

Multi Currency Converter is a must-have application for global sales websites or high-volume sales in foreign countries. This app can help:

  • Automatically Convert Currency

When selling to overseas customers, everyone wonders, “How much does this item cost in my local currency?” Multi Currency Convert can easily and quickly convert product prices to local currency, sparing them the headache of mentally converting currencies and saving time.

Currency changes are automatically updated based on your customer’s location. Simply hover your mouse over the price to see your local currency conversion. As a result, clients will feel better at ease exploring your items and are more inclined to purchase.

  • Optimize Global Sales

With 170+ supported currencies, you can approach and impress foreign clients, increasing your worldwide E-commerce sales. The app also allows you to display the customer’s country flag beside the converted pricing. This action demonstrates client respect while also increasing consumer interest in the sales interface. Kill two birds with one stone.


Product Badges

If you own a large web store with various products, the Product Badges app will be a great assistant to you. You can quickly manage the items in your business by categorizing them as Out of stock, On sale, or New Arrivals.

For goods on the web, the app offers two sorts of badge changes: automated and manual. It will show personally modified badges before automated badges. It takes a few minutes to make changes, but the result is a website with clear product status.

If you need ideas for designing badges for your own store, please read 12 ideas to boost sales with product badges. The post has numerous ways to create badges that will undoubtedly delight you.

There are some badges you can use or create easily.

Smart Scroll To Top

Saving plenty of time with Smart Scroll To Top when your pages have long content. Smart Scroll To Top can help you:

  • Just 1-click to top

With one click, your customer may return to the top of the shop website in a fraction of a second. They will no longer be wasting their time. This feature is small but mighty. The better the consumer experience, the more likely they spend time browsing your website for suitable goods.

  • Easily set up & customize

Spending a few minutes, you can change the color, speed, position, animation, and other elements of your website’s scroll to top button. Making a scroll to top button is a piece of cake.

Veda Builder: Great Alternative to Wokiee theme

Veda Builder is comprised of various themes for Shopify stores. You can choose as many themes as you want to change your store’s skin and layout. With diverse and beautiful sections, Veda will definitely make your store stand out from the crowd!


To summarize, Wokiee Theme is an excellent tool for creating a fantastic and one-of-a-kind e-commerce business for yourself. Furthermore, the combination of Popup, Smartbar, Slide In, Product Badges, Smart Scroll To Top, and Multi Currency Convert apps will modernize the website and improve the client experience. These applications are completely compatible and quite simple to use and install.

I have to say that besides the Shella theme, Wokiee is also an ideal solution to your Shopify stores’ betterment. If you have any questions about Wokiee Theme, please drop them in the comments section below. We are always available to help you.

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