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Impulse Shopify Theme is a fantastic product created by Archetype, the creator of two famous Shopify themes: Motion and Streamline. Archetype themes have been successful and utilized in over 500,000 stores, and the firm has collaborated with prominent brands like Kappa, Vogue, Mugo, and others.

Impulse improves functionality to satisfy the changing demands of consumers every day. As a result, this is NOT a free theme. Impulse Theme Shopify will cost you $320 to acquire. So, if the price is appropriate for your business budget, Impulse Theme Shopify is a terrific option worth considering.


Shopify Impulse Theme Styles

The Shopify Impulse theme has three different styles: modern, clean, and bold. Each style creates distinct emotions and matches various stores and sectors.

  • Modern: You will give clients the sense of a high-end fashion shop. It is most suited to large stock stores with a diverse range of collections and categories, particularly clothes and fashion retailers.
  • Clean: The clean style emphasizes product pictures and groupings. It helps customers easily browse your business and choose collections that are relevant to their interests.
  • Bold: The hero video is a remarkable feature. The rich text on the homepage is few compared to the others. Rather, there are a lot of animated videos and banners with parallax effects that improve the visual viewing experience.

Impulse Theme Shopify Demo

The video below will help you better grasp all of the main features of the Shopify Theme Impulse that you need to know before establishing an eCommerce-ready shop. The playlist also shows how Shopify apps work in Impulse. Let’s take a closer look.

Shopify Impulse Theme Customization


You can change the placement of the logo and menu. Also, you can use a normal or sticky header or even choose to overlay the header over the home page. As for the announcement bar, you can add up to 3 announcements with a link.

Hero Slideshow

Moreover, you’ll be able to display your goods to customers in the most engaging way possible with Slideshow from the Impulse theme.

Impulse’s slideshow has text overlay and optional buttons. You can change slide navigation style (bars, arrow, dots & minimal) and enable parallax. For each slideshow image, there is a focal point used to keep the subject in view.

Also, you can darken the image to protect the text and avoid the Impulse theme slideshow being hard to read.

Powerful Promotion

Promotion Customization distinguishes Impulse from other themes and is a powerful tool for driving genuine purchases. Impulse can assist you in creating appealing advertising banners with CTA buttons to boost your marketing initiatives.

Users can put these banners in every nook and crevice of your business, such as ad grids on the homepage, banner advertisements on the collection page, large photos with text boxes on product pages, and even ads in the footer.

People may not hesitate to make spontaneous purchases if these marketing boxes are correctly placed and effective strategies are used. Feel free to experiment.


It would be a mistake not to mention site-wide footer promotion. You can add up to 3 text columns with an image and a button to highlight products. Besides, a logo can be displayed in the footer section.


You might want to add an image, a sign-up form, and a CTA button to persuade customers to make a purchase.

Other sections

Impulse Shopify Theme includes a vast range of images with text, hero images, hero videos, text columns with images to testimonials, and so on that sellers may pick and utilize for sections on the shop pages.

You can even add FAQ and map on the home page. This results in a more delightful browsing experience for the visitors.

Product page

In addition, the Impulse Shopify Theme will help you build an appealing product page. Besides the default product page, there are 4 types of product pages: product landing, preorder, gift card, and brand story page. Shopify merchants can cross-sell thanks to product recommendations and recently viewed product sections.

Collection page

There are 3 types: no-side bar, no-promos, and collection landing pages. You can change the filter style (sidebar or drawer) and enable color swatches. Subcollection is also a fascinating section of the Impulse theme.

Other page templates offered by Impulse theme Shopify are Contact us, FAQ page, About page.

This theme provides you with a range of attractive content elements to appeal to the masses. Customize the layouts with HTML and CSS to make your items attract more attention!

Shopify Impulse Mega menu

The mega menu in the Impulse theme is excellent and quite handy. Users can use layered menu items in the header while preserving an attractive and tidy design. You can effortlessly display or remove massive menu images with a few mouse clicks. As easy as a pie.

Impulse Shopify Theme Image Size

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a perfect store is the image size. With Impulse Shopify Theme, use JPG files instead of PNG files to improve loading speeds. There are different needed sizes for various sorts of photos.

The recommended size for:

  • Products: 1065px wide and 1420px high.
  • Heroes, Slideshows, Collection headers: 2880px wide and 1620px high.
  • Blog posts: 2880px wide and 1410px high.
  • Video sections: 1920px wide and 1080px high.

Impulse Shopify Theme Support

Have to say that Impulse Shopify Theme has a support team ready to answer any questions you may have about the theme’s features, capabilities, and configuration that match your brand. You can provide them with as much information as possible in order to obtain the best service.

The manufacturer is also pretty competent when preparing typical concerns spanning four different areas for customers. Therefore, clients may save time and correct their online shop page as soon as possible before receiving the support of Impulse Shopify Theme.

Impulse Theme Shopify Free Download

As mentioned above, Impulse Shopify Theme is well worth the $320 price tag for a single download due to the excellent features and active support from specialists. However, you also have a free trial to experience this wonderful theme.

Try the theme for free with your own items, brand color swatches, and adjustments to see how convenient it is. I bet you will love this theme when you try it.  You only have to pay when you have published the theme in your store.

Shopify Impulse Theme Documentation

You can find Shopify Impulse Theme documentation in Archetypethemes easily and rapidly.

Some valuable guidelines you need are:

  • Support for Online Store 2.0
  • Create custom pages with sections
  • Create a mega-menu
  • Add an FAQ page

Impulse Shopify Theme Currency Changer

Customers can simply view products they wish to buy in their local currency with the Impulse Shopify Theme. Shop owners need to make a few changes to their currency format to use this service.

You must change your currency format in the Shopify admin section, particularly Settings > General > Archive Currency (at the bottom).

You have another choice if you don’t like using Impulse Shopify Theme Currency Changer. This is Multi-Currency Converter on Shopify. This app gives 170+ local currencies and automatically converts them. It also offers a lovely, bright layout and nation user flags. What a fantastic app!

Try to improve your store interface as easy to use as possible. Because simple shopping and a positive user experience will always be factors that help you boost traffic.

Impulse Theme Remove Powered By Shopify

You may remove the “Powered by Shopify” link from your footer by modifying your theme code. What you need to do is go to the Sections folder, open footer.liquid, and eliminate this line, which is on line 73.

<p class=”footer__small-text”>{{ powered_by_link }}</p>

Shopify Stores Using Impulse Theme

Take a brief glance at two stores built by Impulse. It is easy to see how users love the theme. If you want to determine whether a shop uses Impulse, you should use Shopify Theme Detector, which helps spy on any Shopify stores.

FeelShop’s collection page

Impulse theme Shopify store example Feelshop MyShopKit - Ecommerce Solution

Charliemadison’s product page

Impulse theme Shopify store example Charliemadison MyShopKit - Ecommerce Solution

Impulse Shopify Theme Review

Impulse Shopify Theme consistently generates positive customer feedback due to its robust features and excellent assistance from a 24/7 professional team. Out of 400+ feedbacks, the Impulse theme received more than 90% good evaluations.

“Great support with lots of patience”, “Love this theme! Look really modern and fits in with our brand so well.” are the testimonials this app usually receives from customers who purchased this theme.

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Top 5 Apps You Must Try With Impulse Theme Shopify

Veda Builder

If you’d like to diversify your Shopify stores, you could install Veda Builder. This Shopify store building app allows you to add fascinating elements such as icons, animation effects, colors, etc. Veda can override Impulse or build the whole store by itself. If you feel Impulse’s store is simple and plain, you should let Veda beautify it, from the homepage to the FAQ page.

To efficiently market items to clients, Popup, Smartbar, Slide In is a must-have app for your online store. A popup is a kind of advertisement that informs customers about new items, best-selling products, and gives discount codes.

You may also gather client emails with a Popup, Smartbar, or Slide In to build a list of potential customers. Don’t worry about how to store a huge amount of customer emails. This tool offers numerous well-known third-party email services to assist you with this issue. You may also design a fortunate Winwheel popup or a countdown timer smartbar to encourage visitors to buy more quickly.

Popup, SmartBar, Slide In provide more than 300 distinct themes with different goals. You may all customize colors, text, and animations with a few easy clicks to create unique Popup, SmartBar, or Slide In designs.

Experiment to learn what advantages a stunning popup or smartbar may provide you. I’m confident there are more perks than you imagine.

Let’s read Exit Intent Popup: Shopping Cart Abandonment Solution to know more about how to use this app. 14 Superb Shopify Exit Intent Popup Examples in 2021 will help you find ideas to create a popup.


Product Badges

Use “virtual stickers” to highlight significant product characteristics. Product Badges can assist you in designing badges fast and easily. Furthermore, labeling objects is a superb method to boost purchases and identify beloved products more quickly.

Product badges’ most significant characteristics include:

  • Product Badges will assist you in automatically adding badges to your items: On Sale, Out of Stock, New Arrivals, Best Seller and Low Stock. However, you can automatically modify it by Product Tag if necessary.
  • Make up your own design: Product Badges provide the most assistance to consumers in rapidly and easily creating badges.
  • Make a simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly interface for your website.

If you don’t have any idea to make a sticker with Product Badges, please spend some time reading this post 12 ideas to boost sales with product badges. I’m sure it is what you need.

product badge by product tag 1 MyShopKit - Ecommerce Solution

Multi Currency Converter

Customers usually want the most up-to-date information about the products they love. Especially how much the product is worth in their local currency. It means currency conversion is always required in international stores.

The Multi Currency Converter tool will be the best choice for you because it offers over 170 local currencies and automatically converts them. It saves time and effort while encouraging clients to purchase more quickly. As a result, your online store’s sales will increase as the number of familiar consumers increases.

If you are still unsure about how this app works, please take a look at this post Shopify currency converter at checkout & more features with MyShopKit Multi Currency Converter to know the answer.


Image Optimizer

If you’re concerned about a long time of uploading high-quality photographs to the web, it’s time to install Image Optimizer Shopify for your website. Thousands of users use and like this software because of its simple design, ease of use, and compatibility with various themes.


Shopify Image Optimizer improves page load speed without losing image quality. It also greatly helps to automatically add alt text or alt tags to all product photographs on your online stores. When you install optimize and alt text for your images, the system will automatically add alt text for new images every time you publish them to the web.

Install Image Optimizer Shopify once and let it take care of your store every day.


Can not say that Impulse Theme Shopify is not the most significant theme store for launching an online business, but it is the best theme for around $300. Outstanding features and always updated regularly will make users completely convinced when using Impulse. You won’t regret purchasing this theme.

Use other tools such as Popup, Smartbar, Slide In, Product Badges, or Veda Builder to make your website more attractive and user-friendly.

Please leave any queries in the comments


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    What’s the best app to add unlimited product options while keeping the same formatting throughout the selection process in the Impulse Theme? THANK YOU!!!

    • My Linh says:

      Hello Mrs. Colleen,

      Thanks for leaving such an interesting question. I understand that you wish to add unlimited product options without affecting your current theme – Impulse theme. As we mentioned in the post, Veda Builder can help you either create a separate new shop page or override an existing shop page (including product pages & collection pages) while keeping your current theme format unchanged. We have been working very hard to finalize the app so that customers who have the same needs as yours can benefit from it. If you don’t mind, we want to send you a notification email when we finalize & launch the app on Shopify App Store.

      Once again, thanks for spending time reading our blogpots and leaving a comment!
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